Our company produces a great range of products. We use a great deal of bottles and bottle closures of different shapes & colours. PALPROM SA managed to help us emphasise our brand identity. We are branding a couple of different products with them (direct print on bottles and closures mainly) and the first thing we’ve identified was the cost saving this process caused to our business (labelling vs direct print). They are efficient. We would be happy to refer them to any company in need of their services.

Dean Eliot



I find the way that PALPROM SA goes about their business, very decent and honest. They really want your business and they show it by being accommodative – all the time. I’ve been dealing with them for a couple of years now and I have received a couple of hundreds of thousands of products branded by them. Their level of service is the main reason why I prefer them as a supplier. I would suggest them to any company needing their services.

Jobby Poulose
purchasing & factory manager



Every time I needed them, they were there. Test runs, small or big runs were executed fast and efficient. They are a bunch of very pleasant people and I can honestly say that I would trust them with many projects we handle from time to time. Their paperwork is always in order.
Their pricing is decent as well as the quality of their print. They run a very efficient show.

Carol Schober



I would like to thank the director and his team at Palprom SA for their excellent turnaround times and attention to detail. Every product that they produce is always of the highest quality!

Bryony Terblanche
production manager



Relying on a supplier you have never used before can be nerve racking, yet with Palprom I was assured of a quality product from the first contact. Because they deliver quality, I have a happy client and so does Palprom SA!

Sally Dore
creative director


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