Our aim is to maintain our position as one of the main players in contract screen, pad & digital printing in South Africa.

In order for us to get there, we realise & accept the South African reality in the field:

  1. There is a number of companies exclusively importing all sorts of products, feeding them to advertising agencies and in return these agencies use contract printers in order to brand them and end up supplying their customers,
  2. There is a number of companies importing all sorts of products, able to brand them themselves, ending up supplying their customers directly,
  3. There is a number of companies operating as advertising agents who offer a complete advertising, promotional, marketing package to their customers, by utilising all the above kind of companies,
  4. And finally, there is a great number of (usually extremely creative) individuals who correspond to their customers marketing and promotional needs, simply by running one man advertising agencies.

Whichever category your company might fall in, for as long as your business’s main function is promotional items, you can get really connected with us and get really benefited!

How?….simply by becoming affiliated with us!

As a general rule, we quote each project, taking into consideration a couple of details directly related to the project (read more on the subject by visiting the web page “cost methodology” – within our site).

If you are willing to forward most of your projects to us, we are also willing to allocate an “over-all” discount to you on each and every invoice – for each an every project. This discount is appropriate to ensure that your prices will always be aggressive enough.

No official obligations – no grey areas!

This process is completed in 3 simple steps:

  1. We estimate the average amount of projects your company handles per year,
  2. You apply and (if successful) open a 30 days account with us (credit check on your company is performed by our auditors),
  3. We allocate your discount.

There is no reason why you should not investigate this option – all you need to do is to communicate with us.

Finally, please keep in mind the following:

  • We do not get involved in importing or trading products or (more specifically) promotional items at all,
  • We do not out source our work.