We are not economists. We are far from that.
We are businessmen, citizens of the US, people who are tired of being bombed every single day with the ‘R’ Word.
We are tired and disappointed with the constant reminder of the rough economy and difficult times we are going through.

Have you noticed how delighted all experts are when talking about the Recession?
It is by far the most spoken word lately, in the mouth of every expert or not.
We are tired of this gloom and the imposed despair, and we decided to act.

Recent studies show that eight to ten people are experiencing some serious financial and social stress, because of the current economic situation and mostly because of the despair and fear cultivated and enforced by everyone around them.
Economists and psychologists say that recessions tend to make nearly everyone less happy.

We agree, it is not a good time.
But, what are we doing for that?
How do we expect to survive a harsh time if we do not stand up and fight?
How can we let the psychological factor influence and affect us, making us look as sour as the GDP numbers?
Attitude is what makes a difference in difficult times and if we don’t act and pro-act now, we will never do. We cannot afford to accept the recession, because that will take us further down than we are.

We have to keep in mind that we are not completely oblivious of the responsibilities. Yes the current state of economy is a resultant of many denominators such as gas prices, bankruptcies, foreclosures and stock market crash or currency drop, but all of us as businessmen and consumers have some part in it.

How do we contribute to the current state of our economy?

We all prefer selling and buying imported goods from other countries because they are cheaper, even though their quality is poorer.
We know that by preferring imported goods to domestic goods will hurt our own economy, by depriving our companies and manufacturers from customers and bigger sales.
The price on the tag is cheaper probably and that looks appealing, but we don’t realize that we will need to pay the ‘bill’ later on. That is what happens now.

Local Manufacturing is afflicted and our economy is bleeding jobs in an inconceivable pace.
If we cut on buying locally made goods and turn again to cheaper products, we will hurt our economy even more.

What do we really need to be doing:

> Concentrate on the change,
> Optimize our products and our services,
> Identify ways to reduce our costs by increasing efficiency, and being creative,
> Support the local economy and the local manufacturers,
> Sell our products in reasonable and fair prices, so we sell more,
> Focus our efforts on the satisfaction of the average consumer,

We need to act as citizens that love their country and don ’t give up until they see it rise and flourish.

Recession is a state of mind above all. If we change that mentality, we will change the route of the economy.

Be positive, keep your optimism and faith, keep on leading your lives the way you did. Consume the products you need every day, do business in and with your community, and fight off the recession.

( – By Pugalenthi Natesan – Jan 2011)

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