Here is a list of common questions and their answers, related to the way we go about our business and the way we deal with general as well as specific issues, problems and processes.

Q: What is the production lead-time you require?
A: From the moment artwork is approved & print tests are accepted and all paperwork is in order, 2 to 5 days maximum (for quantities not exceeding 40.000 units). Keep in mind that November – December period is the busiest period of the year for everyone in our industry.

Q: Knowing that most printers run on minimum units printed per job, what is the minimum amount of units one can print with you?
A: The absolute minimum amount of units (we are quite strict on the matter) that we can accept as an order is 1 (one).

Q: What is the maximum amount of units one can print with you?
A: There is no maximum number of units a customer can order. We are industrially orientated and our people as well as our machines are geared for big runs the same way they are for small ones. We currently enjoy a maximum capacity of 5000 prints per machine, per colour, per 8 hours. And we have a series of machines lined up, ready to offer you the pad print you are looking for.

Q: What are he charges for processing artwork?
A: We transform every customer’s artwork into “printing plate or screen-ready” artwork, for free. We do not create or re-create artwork. That is why we request all artwork to be mailed to us in vector, pdf or high-resolution jmpeg. Our designers work with Corel Draw.

Q: Can we brief you on artwork, giving you Pantone colours to match?
A: Yes, no problem. We can safely and accurately match any given Pantone colour, using specialised software. We can also process and transform any kind of design -saved in nearly any form, to a 4 process colors (CMYK) design.

Q: Do you offer account facilities?
A: Yes. All our account-approved customers enjoy a 30-day (from invoice) account. All you need to do is request a copy of our account application and we will gladly e-mail the document to you. Please keep in mind that all companies (and – in reality – their directors) applying for an account are credit checked.

Q: Knowing that most printers require an allowance of 4 to 6 percent reject prints on units, what is your reject percentage when printing?
A: When printing 1 colour, our reject rate is 0.2% and is applicable only to quantities over 10.000 units. Our maximum reject rate is 0.5% and is applicable only for quantities bigger than 5000 units with a print of 2 or more colours.

Q: Do you pick up and deliver?
A: Yes if the job is an on-going basis (weekly, monthly, etc.). No, if the job is a once off project.

Q: Do you charge for special machine tooling (usually for a rotary screen print job)?
A: No. We finance all tooling necessary to accommodate your job.

Q: Do you deal with companies out of South Africa? A: Yes we do!

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