As an innovator and among the leaders in product imprinting / branding, we understand the critical need for perfection and the importance of product branding alignment with your company’s general branding strategy. From decorating the product itself to designing the packaging, our uncompromising pursuit of excellence is a guaranteed standard feature to our promised service.

We do more than just lay down ink…we create impressions that make your products look great, via pad, screen or digital printing excellence!

We have developed innovative and unique solutions to a wide variety of imprinting / branding and display challenges. We take our customers’ vision and make it a reality. Our network & contacts in the packaging industry of South Africa is impressive.

A great variety of products branded by us (mainly cosmetics & pharmaceuticals), can be found in most well established retail chain stores throughout the country. A great deal of this work has to do with one and two or multy color print on bottles, containers in general, bottle caps and bottle / jar lids – mostly for the pharmaceutical & food industry.

Due to the fact that we print for “top brand” holders in South Africa, we have and can share with you great brand building tricks & secrets. For example, we can advise you on: the right color combinations for your product, or branding mistakes to be avoided.

Our branding can be found behind many manufacturers in South Africa. Our top quality print combined with our extremely reliable service levels, makes most of our customers wonder why they did not considered direct print instead of labeling sooner.

Our automated machinery offers high production numbers on a daily basis, ensuring that our customer’s bottle filling line never waits for containers or their branded closures to be delivered.

Industrial Pad, Screen & Digital Printing is the main focus of our business, able to print on:

Glass & Plastic, Tin, Wood, Textile, Magnetic Sheeting, Corrugated Board, Rigit of Flexible Materials