There is not one PANTONE COLOUR CODE that can not be achieved with pad or screen printing inks – that is fore sure.

The above stated fact, should not be prompting us to start looking for a reason to deviate from standard colours!

When there is no way around it yes – by all means.
But, if you or your customer can avoid using a custom mixed colour then choose a standard colour for your design!

All though PANTONE colour matching is nowadays a precession process, one must still do not ignore the human error element either while mixing or while using the such colour.

Additionally, there are times (especially in big runs) where a small change in the mixing recipe can result in colour variation. It is not a scenario one comes across often, but the possibility is always there.

Finally, one can understand that a standard colour is always on a supplier’s shelve, while a custom mixed colour gets prepared to order and this process requires time.

All the above plus the very straight forward colour charts below, most probably manage to deliver the message to you: If you can, stick to basic colours!